1. *raises hand*

    Lessons on how to be this forward, please?

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  2. tastefullyoffensive:

    "I nominate Mona Lisa and the Girl with the Pearl Earring." [via]

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  3. Summer is officially unofficially over.

    Ah, Labor Day—the doorman bringing most welcome tidings of autumn’s advent.


  5. Indiana gays aren’t worth your time.

    …Except me.

    I’m worth your time.



  6. I almost started feeling sorry for myself today. (What do I have to look forward to other than homework and class?)

    But then I realized I can make that work. I can study my ass off, perform well in class, and find fulfillment in extracurriculars.

    I thought of all the satisfaction I could get out of doing pro bono work while in law school, and all the ways I can work to make a name for myself in the legal community. I thought of how I can work to contribute my verse to the world with my career and felt reassured that I chose the right field. I have so much opportunity to make a difference.

    And I can do all this so that when I get done with school and start my grown-up life, I won’t have to feel inadequate, pathetic, or lonely. Sure, I may have nothing and no one else right now; but, dammit, I’ll work with what I’ve got and I’ll derive happiness from my profession.


  8. Date went well? I think?

    At any rate—what a cutie.

  9. *me trying to be subtle*

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