2. "Many centuries ago….Saint Ambrose said that ‘it did not suit God to save his people by argument.’ Of course arguments have their uses. When people argues against the existence of God, it helps to have some points you can make to counter the idea that belief is just completely irrational. But what is it that shifts people’s imagination and vision and hope? The Bible has no arguments for the existence of God. There are moments of conflict with God, anger with God, doubt about God’s purposes, anguish and lostness when people have no real sense of God’s presence. The Psalms are full of this, as is the book of Job. Don’t imagine the Bible is full of comfortable and reassuring things about the life of belief and trust; it isn’t. It is often about the appalling cost of letting God come near you and of trying to trust him when all the evidence seems to have gone."
    — Rowan Williams, “Tokens of Trust”

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  3. One thing you’ve gotta love about summer in Rush County:
    Handsome Amish guys out and about on their pony carts who smile and wave as you pass.


  5. "…the homosexuals aren’t defending us Christians…"

    As if homosexuals are, by default, not Christians…

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  7. My wants are simple, really.

    I want a charming husband, two kids, a Golden Retriever, a nice rural home and a summer house in Nantucket, and a small law office to call my own.

    Am I reaching for the stars here? Not really.

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    The Witch House of Salem, Massachusetts.

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